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Sunday, July 30, 2006

I've Moved!

I am like the most no-life person in this world la!

I stayed at home on a mightily pleasant Sunday and glued myself to the computer, stopping for neither food nor bathe (and i badly needed one).

I edited photo after photo for my top banner and scrolled through thousands of small print called HTML (i hate them!), just to create the perfect

And i have done it! Presenting...


It's what i've always wanted in a blog template. Clean, pure and has a rocking banner! I've finally done it, and all by MYSELF!

=) =) =)

I'm so lovin' it!

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Buffet Starts Tomorrow.

And there are already people downstairs lighting incense and red candlesticks.

So creepy...

What's more, with double the ghostly fun this year, pantang (superstitious) people are sure in for it.

Have to burn double the incense and double the kim zhua (paper money) for our transparent counterparts.

And pray that they stay transparent to us.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Ain't No Other Man...

The 1st single from Xtina's upcoming album, Back 2 Basics, is out, and boy it sure is proud!

She's just so... white...

Her hair is white, her skin is white and her dresses are white. Luckly for her red lipstick or you wouldn't see her in a sunny day.

But she rocks la, can't wait to download buy her album.

I gotta send some hot lovin' to Noah cos i "stole" the clip from his blog. You rock too dude. Less than Xtina obviously, but only by a lil'.

Enjoy the clip people.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Amazing Performances...

...from singing competitions in the Philippines.

That girl is Charice Pempengco and she was a contestant in a children's singing competition in the Philippines called Little Big Star. She got only 3rd place.

And she just turned 13.

This Filipino guy was telling me how the people in the Philippines take their singing so seriously that Charice got beaten up by people that didn't like her (she lost in the popularity sms voting i think). He also said that the Singapore Idol contestants wouldn't even make it past the first auditions if they were to take part in the Philippine(s?) Idol.

This guy didn't get far in the competition, but listen to him go...

I really felt embarrassed for our local "talent".

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Anyone For A Night Of Song?

Keeping to the subject of the moment, here's another choir that i used to consider joining until some political shizz made some of my favourite members decide to split.

The Amadeus Choral Society has a concert coming on 25th August.

As luck has it, i happen to be FREE on that day. Anyone wanna go with me?

Details here.

Someone go with me leh...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bo Ne Volun Tatis...

All of a sudden, i feel that life is lacking something, and i realised that i desperately miss singing.

No, not the Kbox variety.

Singing as in in a choir, with many many clashing parts blending.

You can't do that in Kbox because there's only 2 mics and clashing is usually of the wrong type. And it's hard to envision myself in either a ruined castle under the moonlight or on a small island when the image on the screen is of a half naked woman cavorting on the beach.

Now the only problem is how to go about getting myself into a Choir, i feel weird just poping into Nelson's world to ask for a place in his choir.

Oh, another problem is which Choir?

I'm kinda split about both VCs.

Chorale is better vocally and some of my VS friends are in it. However, Nelson doesn't appear at practices much and i'm not that crazy about the other conductors. What's more, they're gonna go for the Choir Olympics and so i guess it'll be a long time before practices for normal members commence.

Consort seems to be slightly weaker vocal-wise, but they just came back from some competition in the Czech Republic and were apparently given full marks by the judges. What's more, there's some people i know in it too, and Nelson attends their weekly practices, which in itself is a huge plus point.

This kinda put me off though...

At first, i thought, "How nice", but felt a little weird. A second later, and a second cheering made me realise the intention of the first. And frankly, i felt kinda disgusted, although i know that it's quite a common sight and i remember TPJC doing the same thing to Consort back in Genting. HA!

Now that was something worth reminiscing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bianca Ryan Is...

... so much better then our Singapore Idols.

And she's only freakin' 11!

I love "America's Got Talent". It's a talent show in America that welcomes everything from singers, to jugglers, to ventriloquists!

And boy were they talented.

The only talent i saw in Singapore Idol was Jacintha's massive jugs and their uncanny ability to perk. They filled up half the freaking TV screen when she was talking and frankly, who's listening when her cleavage could rival the freakin' Rochor Canal.


Ladies, you should really go find her bra. It's not enough to have support, a good bra should perk you up!


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